BLUE by Célio Braga- 2006

BLUE a BHP was the inaugural event in 2006

Blue (2006) consist of 31 photographs (ecoline and indian ink on C-print), each 13×18 cm., glitters and 2 dvd videos/with sound. In these pieces, Braga juxtaposes the insubstantial, shifting and dissolving forms of clouds in the sky with solid shapes that contemplate the attempt to grasp time.

“My pursuit is a progressive work process which documents and defines time in a poetic and ethereal manner. Time in its duration, simplicity and complexity. Time in our vanishing, to be at the same time alive and always in the presence of death”

The videos (BUBBLE, 2006 and CARLOS, 2006), have a meditative quality where in one monitor a handsome young man blows bubbles into the void and in the other, bubbles fall on a surface leaving behind the marks of its silent collisions.

B.L.U.E makes visual poetry of the intangible elements of nature and celebrates life.

Célio Braga

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