Back Yard by Jacqueline Machado de Souza- 2007

Back Yard  by

Jacqueline Machado de Souza

One day event on Sunday 23 September from 3 to 7 pm

I frequently take images from daily life, observations of human behaviour incidental registrations as a starting point, always with the purpose of illuminating the separate semantic reality hidden beneath. (*)

The artist Jacqueline Machado de Souza uses imagery from her personal archive. Wherever she goes in her regular activities, she sizes an opportunity to record it. This practice is also extended to the outside world of intimate relations to other people and intimate events that take place in public venues and celebrations where interactions among people are at stake.

For BHP she is bringing in photographs of motel rooms in Brazil, the illicit meeting places for lovers. The series depicts the scenario where this national behaviour and obsession of ‘hide and seek’ takes place. The videos deal with open spaces where freedom and seduction create other scenarios for exchanging values. Both invite you for consuming beauty in its own terms. The common denominators for the various works are the relations in which we establish our own rules of expression and censorship. Such contractions are the scenario, which ‘gambiarra’ takes place (meaning as much as the intervention or improvisation with whatever element in the surrounding) and the artist explores.

Eduardo Padilha

Roger Cook ( foreground)
Guy Brett and Suzana Vas (background)

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