JSI Workshop – MHIYH – 2016

My Home Is Your Home


‘My home is your home’ a collaborative project between BalinHouseProjects and public works engaged the Tabard housing estate residents and children through a series of 5 workshops and 3 related visits, creating an awareness on how to develop green spaces of the estate and the beginnings of a Tabard estate festival that can show community cohesion on the estate.


The visits to Tate modern and Unicorn theatre established cultural links for the future of the festival whilst visit to Abbey gardens community garden in Stratford showed the residents the values of community gardening in community cohesion in a neighbourhood.


The workshops under the 2 categories of: – “Fairytale gardens workshops” where children and parents learnt about small scale planting interventions and “Tabard festival workshops” imagining a festival, its thematic, estate’s existing festivals – were explored over a 2 month period. This collaboration between ‘My home is your home’ and TR&A took the project outside the walls of 22 Balin house and engaged local residents in a soft campaign towards protecting and valuing their homes and its surrounding environment.


Fairytale garden workshops


Post visit to Abbey gardens where the community were told about how to set up, manage and run a successful community garden, the project ran the following workshops under this theme. The workshops looked at the importance of birds in the built environment and the habitats we need to create for them. The children designed and made adhoc bird homes from scrap found materials. The second workshop under the name “Bird Cafe” created seed bombs which the children as well as bird feeders. A walk with keen gardener Scot Maley showed us the open space he made into a green haven and his interest in supporting further green spaces of the state becoming such wonderful habitats for wild life. We conducted a walk with local residents identifying small plots where such habitats can be created – see map of the locations and plants that should grow there.


Tabard festival workshops


Both Tate and Unicorn theatre can become key partners in future development of a festival for Tabard gardens estate. The theme of ‘home’ emerged in a series of conversations with residents and the precarity of social housing estates following the governments latest housing bill and Saville’s report – ‘Completing London’s Streets’ in January 2016. ‘Home’ became the working theme of the festival and 2 workshops were delivered as part of this. First workshop worked with the children about their favour`ite places at home and writing a story about their home. The second to perform moments of the home they had written about in the previous session.

Torange Khonsari








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