Sunday Lunches at BHP


From 12 to 15 hrs

Harold Offeh and myself Eduardo Padilha are the organisers of this informal event on the last Sunday of the month.

The aim is to bring artists/curators together and chat about a current event in London such as an exhibition, residency or curatorial programme over lunch.

Guests are invited to respond and feed into the discussions. The lunch is for a maximum of 8 people including Harold and myself a 3 courses meal is provided but guests are welcome to bring drinks.

Its a lot more informal than it sounds. The event is part of  BalinHouseProjects which has marked the transformation of a private flat into a semi public space near London Bridge/Borough.

Previous Sunday Lunch guests were: 

-Flavia Gimenes (Centro Cultural Elefante/Brasilia- Director)

–Susan Alexis Collis (Artist- Dean Slade College of Fine Art)

– Andre Pink (Theater play writer and director-London based)

-Lucia Pizzani (Venezuelan artist, London based)

-Giorgia Mesquita (current BHP artist resident- São Paulo- Brazil)


-Jonny Briggs ( )

-Gabriela Saenger Silva (Curatorial Projects)

-Alicia Paz (

-Marcia Ferran (PhD Philosophy, Urbanism, Cultural Studies at UFF- Rio de Janeiro)

-Hena Lee (curator-RCA, Architecture-Urbanism-SP)

-Emily Druiff (director of Peckham Platform , London/

-Maiko Tsutsumi (


-Mariam Zulfigar (curator/public art)

-Thomas Price (artist)

-Melanie Keen ((Iniva director/ curator)

-Iris Garrelfs ( artist/teacher PhD at UCL)

-Jo Stockham )artist/professor RCA)

-David Kefford (artist/founder Aid & Abet)


– João Laia (independent curator

– Eddie Peake (artist)

– Antonio Roberts (artist)

– Marianne Mulvey  ( Tate curator)

– Jesse Wine (artist)

– Kate Squires (artist)


-Adelaide Bannerma (

-Matt Raw(

-Anthony Gross(

-Paula Lopez Zambrano (

-Phoebe Boswell (

-Giles Bunch (

-Elina Suoyrjö (curator)


-Maiko Tsutsumi (

– Gabriela Salgado ( independent curator)

– Rosario Güiraldes (üiraldes)

-Pascal Anson (

-Jack Scott (

-Veronica Cordova de la Rosa (

*- Celia Abicalil  Belmiro ( professor in Literature- BHP guest)


-*David Waterworth (curator of the University of Greenwich’s Stephen Lawrence Gallery)

– *Rose Lejeune (curator/ RoseLejeune gallery)

-*Lorena Muñoz-Alonso (curator/

– Sarah Boris ( graphic designer/artist)

– *Cedar Lewisohn (curator, writer, artist)

-*Osei Bonsu (curator/writer;

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