My Home Is Your Home – 2016

My Home Is Your Home


[]This book situates the project My Home Is Your Home – a collaborative project between BalinHouseProjects1 (at 22 Balin House, Tabard Gardens Estate) and the practice public works – within a transdisciplinary context of art, architecture, history and geography. My Home Is Your Home started in 2013 in Eduardo Padilha’s home and will continue beyond its walls.
It is an exploration of the public role of the home through the intimate act of hosting, of the home as a place of cultural production and dissemination, and of the homeowner as an active citizen. Through considering the home as a public sphere with civic intent or as an informal cultural platform away from institutional constraints, and through practising this over a long period, the project has started to construct a new meaning of home and its associated rituals.[] Torange Khonsari

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