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Lean To


BHP is located in Borough in a former Council Estate flat, Tabard North Gardens from the years 30’s.
The current project at BHP is the reconfiguration of the one bedroom flat and annexing a former laundry room that is adjacent to the flat.
This project is collaborative work that BHP commissioned to architect Torange Khonsari from the practice called publicworks (www.publicworksgroup.net).
The concept for the current project is around the idea of ‘bricolage’, which will be widely applied in the building up of the identity of the new space.

We have started the work of seeking salvaged, found, and reclaimed material from around London, extracting their history and stories and re- assembling them to create the kitchen, bathroom and furniture that will make BalinHouseProjects a home and to give continuity to a programme of projects.


The city produces and reproduces itself all the time and through this process creates waste or unwanted material that once collected and harvested become resource that can construct the informal city at a localized scale. This resource has several values within a socially engaged practice: The first is the fact that in order to obtain this material it requires one to search, ask, find and finally engage with those individuals who own it. To obtain it, one has to sometime barter, negotiate and through the engagement set up the currency for exchange. The process of harvesting and collecting material to make-work already starts to set up a social network of collaborators and has the potential to construct the idea of materials as gift. The second is the hidden narratives, social and political meanings behind the harvested and found materials. These materials have a past history. The narratives are indexed, and the treasury interrogated to understand how their assembly can inform the design and construction of a home. Their assembly becomes about reconstructing those narrative acting as the Bricoleur.
The materials and artefacts that the Bricoleur collects and uses are ‘preconstrained’. To transform them we propose newly designed components that enables them to join and interrupt their found narratives. Here the process of the Bricoleur and the interruption of the jointing system of the designer come together. The designed jointing components provide the interruption, the gaps and the connections, to assemble the found objects into structures of utility such as bathroom and kitchen. How does the process of transformation of the found objects into structures of utility impact the meaning behind them?

Torange Khonsari

BHP at Tate Modern Summer School programme

This year’s Summer School will be informed by the Tate’s acquisition and display of Meschac Gaba’s Museum of Contemporary African Art 1997–2002. Using the context of Gaba’s Museum as a starting point the Summer School will be framed by the cultural practice of Call and Response. Call and Response is a form of communication and dialogue associated but not exclusively from Africa. Most commonly occurring in musical genres like: Jazz, Blues, Gospel & Hip-hop, it sets up a framework to look at forms of communications, knowledge, power and agency.




Tate Modern/Meshac Gaba’s, Museum of Contemporary African Art

Art Educators Summer School 2013,Tate Modern.

29 July – 2 August 2013

Organised by Harold Offeh and Adelaide Bannerman


Our intentions for this year’s summer school is to create a convivial and responsive environment for art educators to engage with their peers, guest practitioners and the Tate collection, using Meshac Gaba’s, Museum of Contemporary African Art as the central point from which activities for the week will stem from.

Tuesday 30 July, Balin House Projects, Southwark and Tate Modern

10am Visit to Eduardo Padilha’s project at BalinHouseProjects.

The artist is reconfiguring his living space to include a project space. Padilha will discuss the development of the project with architect Torange Khonsai of publicworks

2pm – Public discussion in the Museum of Contemporary African Art, Tate Modern between Eduardo Padilha, architect Torange Khonsari, and Professor Peter Carl leader of PhD Programme in Architecture, the CASS Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University, with a group review of the day.